Why Choose Us


We Fight Acne

Some people face angry red acne that pops up without warning, that BB and CC creams and concealers can never quite conceal enough. Some people endure deep pitted scars with dark post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne infections of the past. Some people suffer pus clogged under skin plagued by purulent acne.

Luckily, absolutely anyone can find a cure to their skin woes at Face On Clinic. Our treatment works to settle frequently oil-clogged skin, reduce bacteria, and even out scars. It is a treatment regime that has time and again proven successful.


We Reverse Aging

Reversal of skin aging and lifting of facial contours is any woman’s dream.

At Face On Clinic, this can be your dream come true, because PA Medical Laser effectively turns back the clock on common aging processes. PA Medical Laser breaks down and disintegrates pigments in your skin, for a youthful and translucent look. The Laser also eliminates fine lines by stimulating collagen production, so making skin smoother and more rejuvenated over time. Even sagging skin that otherwise adds years and extra weight to your appearance, is lifted and made firm and supple.

After a series of treatments, it would almost seem as though time stopped for you.


We refine your look

PA Medical Laser helps create a fine fair textured skin condition that any woman would love to have. That fresh dewy look seen on runways, except, achieved daily without makeup? That is indeed the end result we aim to help you towards.

This is because at Face On Clinic, we understand that first impressions count, and better yet if achieved with minimal need for thick problem-causing makeup, for the sake of your skin health. Our treatment will target pigmentation spots, reduce the pores, and stimulate collagen production –which in turn revives your skin’s elasticity and creates a healthy glow. With this newfound good skin health, looking flawless becomes surprisingly effortless.